Second International Conference on Systems of Organic Rice Production.

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Many personalities will be attend the conference amongst those:
Denis Lairon (Director of Research INSERM - INRA France), Claudia Sorlini (President of the Scientific Committee, the Universities for Expo 2015), Paolo Carnemolla (President of Federbio).
The Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina, will open the sessions of the Conference.
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The conference is aimed at the whole realm of rice: from producers to researchers, students and teachers, but also, to all the organizations within this field, for the associations of diverse sectors - from commerce to consumption- for territorial entities and for local authorities. The organizing committee wishes that the conference could represent an important gathering for the exchange and development of knowledge and an in-depth analysis of themes regarding the world of organic rice, nutrition and quality of life.
You are therefore welcomed at the upcoming conference that will begin on the 1st of September at the Milan EXPO, Biodiversity Park Auditorium "IL CENTRO DELLA TERRA" and will carry on in Lomellina (Pavia) until the 4th of September 2015.

Representing the Organizing Committee
Stefano Bocchi


The main objective of the conference is to stimulate exchange of information and knowledge between researchers, producers and numerous components within the world of organic rice culture.
This cultural and scientific exchange, focused on the production and consumption of organic rice in different regions of the world, should lead the following objectives to be achieved:
  1. The establishment of an advanced knowledge and scientific expertise in the operational functioning of the production of organic rice-growing systems, their relationship with the environment, landscape, traditions and natural resources;
  2. Identification of agro-ecological based innovations that act on the development of these systems in different regions of the world;
  3. Analysis of the impact of organic rice production systems on diet and health, and their contribution to the construction of the pillars for a sustainable development;
  4. Analysis of current public policy results and provision of guidelines that correspond with the expectations of industry and society.
The knowledge produced will be spread via the form of various media, enabling it to reach, not only technical and industry experts, but also the consumers.

Scientific Committee

  • Jean-Marc BARBIER : Agronomist
    Inra - Montpellier / France
  • Stefano BOCCHI : Agronomist
    University Milan / Italy
  • Sylvestre DELMOTTE : Agronomist
    Inra- Montpellier / France
  • Jean-Claude MOURET : Agronomist
    Inra - Montpellier / France
  • Manuel AGUILAR : Agronomist
    Agronomic Research Unit - Sevilla /Spain
  • Barry MAMADOU BILLO : Geneticist
    Agronomic Research Unit - Guinea

Organizing Committee

  • Stefano Bocchi – Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Milan
  • Paolo Carnemolla – Federbio, Bologna
  • Maria Gabriella Di Cali - Province of Pavia, Agricultural Sector
  • Aldo Paravicini - Cascine Orsine Company, Bereguardo (PV)
  • Marco Acutis - Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Milan
  • Francesca Orlando - Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Milan
  • Claudia Sorlini - Scientific Committee EXPO 2015
  • Luca Sormani - GAL Lomellina, Mede (PV)
  • Roberto Spigarolo - Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Milan
  • Lucio Cavazzoni - Alce Nero, Monterenzio (BO)
  • Rosalia Caimo Duc – Terre di Lomellina S.A., Candia Lomellina (PV)
  • In collaboration with Regione Lombardia
  • In collaboration with Ordine dei Dottori Agronomi e dei Dottori Forestali di Milano

24 Aug

Deadline for the definitive work proposal

31 Aug

End of registration

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